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We are dedicated to Joe Jarboe's Philosophy that Customer service based on honesty, integrity and respect is the key to our survival and success.

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Our History

Oklahoma voters finally approved the repeal of prohibition in April of 1959, after 51 years as a dry state. It wasn’t until September 1, 1959, however, that the actual sale of liquor began. By that date, the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board had issued licenses to 459 stores and 18 wholesalers in the state of Oklahoma. One of those licenses was issued to Jarboe Sales Company, founded by Joe R. Jarboe. Joe was even elected as the first President of the Oklahoma Wholesalers Association.

The first of June 1975 marked a new partnership between Joe Jarboe, Louis Abraham Jr. and Mark Carson, as owners of Jarboe Sales Company. After considerable growth within Jarboe Sales, we broke ground for the new warehouse, at 6929 East Reading Place in Tulsa, OK, in June of 1975.

Five years later, after the death of his father, John B. Jarboe was named the third partner in Jarboe Sales Company. Shortly after, in January of 1990, Jarboe Sales became the first distributing agent for strong beer through International Beers in Oklahoma. This allowed our customers to call in their beer order at the same time as their liquor order and have them delivered on the same truck.

In 1998, Susanne Jarboe Pereira continued with the family tradition, and formed Select Wines and Sprits, and eventually taking over ownership of Quality Beverage Company. Still continuing with the family tradition, Sarah Jarboe Tucker become owner of International Beers.
In May of 1992, Jarboe Sales moved to a new state-of-the art, fully air-conditioned warehouse, where it currently resides.

In September of 1997, Mark Carson withdrew as a partner, and in July of 2004 Louis Abraham Jr. withdrew as well. At this time the decision was made to keep Jarboe Sales Company within the family. John B. Jarboe and J.B. Jarboe II, father and son then became co-owners/partners. Over the years, Jarboe Sales has continued to furnish quality liquor, wine and beer products to Oklahoma bars, hotels, restaurants and liquor stores with our original philosophy in mind; that customer service based on honesty, integrity and respect is the key to our survival and success.