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Based in Tulsa, Jarboe Sales is a wholesale liquor and wine distributor for the state of Oklahoma. International Beers is our affiliated wholesale beer distributorship. We are proud to furnish quality liquor, wine and beer products to Oklahoma bars, restaurants, hotels, and liquor stores. 

Our PeopleCustomer Service is not just a department -- it's our company philosophy.

Jarboe Sales Company was founded on a philosophy of providing service to a broad customer base while maintaining strict adherence to high ethical and legal standards within the framework of a heavily regulated and strictly controlled industry.

The company is committed to the idea that the long-term survival and success in an extremely competitive industry depends on the maintenance and protection of its
reputation for honesty and fair dealing, and attention to the needs of the people it serves.

The business philosophy of Jarboe Sales Company since 1959 may be summarized as follows:
Keep your word.
Operate within the law and in accordance with high ethical standards.
Provide the best service possible within sound economic limitations.

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Founded in 1959

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918.836.2511 Toll: 800.669.2850
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6833 East Reading Place - Tulsa, OK 74115



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